now its time to kill off the characters... (sunsetwakeup) wrote,
now its time to kill off the characters...

i fucking miss him
i do.
I'm tired of acting like its okay, because its not.
it fucking kills me that he can for the last what, i guess four years feed me this bullshit, how he'll always care about me, how no matter who hes with i'll always be above that.
and now, i don't get those texts everyday or those phone calls. in actuality i try to talk to him, and i get all the wrong responses.. I didn't just spend the last 6 months constantly fighting for nothing. i just hope that he'll understand what hes ruined.
i can't move on, i try.. i do but i just realize everything i miss, and how everything we have is so much better than what i can get.

i hate love.
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