now its time to kill off the characters... (sunsetwakeup) wrote,
now its time to kill off the characters...

i can't even sit here and type this
but i know he deserves every prayer or thought he can get.

ive never cried so much.
i can't even look at my friends let alone talk to them
i can't imagine what pat and john are going to go through.

i've been crying on and off since 9 yesterday morning and i've never felt so empty.
we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later, i just can't even bear to think that someone could have prevented this...

i hate how hes gone and he can still make us cry, and how he used to lick my face, and squeeze me so tight i couldn't breathe. and his hives hoodie...
how marie and jenny would fight over him all of the time. and his smackers chapstick.

i just don't understand. josh russell tarkington could never die...

December 3, 1987 - May 9, 2006
we all love and miss you, forever...

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