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I saw you break here inside my hands...

What a week!. my dad got home on thursday and so i went to the airport from practice to get him. We went to eat and then robinson mall, it was fun and good to talk to him about things. He gets the offer tomorrow sometime so hopefully it'll be good enough to leave pittsburgh. Friday i just chilled for a while, i was really tired like normal so i watched hotel rwanda till 830ish and then brian came over and we watched water world, i'm not sure why but we did. Saturday i got up for practice and not much else. it turned out to be a gorgeous day [probably because ryan came home ;):)]... So i slept and watched movies all day saturday and when night came, Ese came over.. I missed him, so much.
things happened, words were said, and it came to an end.
then me and my kids headed down to southside where i pretty much slept in the car the entire time.
we stopped at enp on the way home and talked for a while and i went home and talked to ryan and davis and watched 8th and ocean and law and order all night while everyone else went to kestins house. I had to get up really early this morning and go to docherty for a few hours and now here i am.

tomorrow is what i've been waiting for, and i simply cannot wait.
and uh.

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