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you're too young to be this empty girl

friday night was good, real good. i saw so many of my friends that i've lost touch with. i was extremely excited to see max, we hung out almost everyday this summer and when we finally stopped going back to the lake for the year we didnt really keep it together. i saw all my favourites and steve... brian came home from school this weekend and so he took em and i. we left even before transition played because i was near flipping out with all the people and being touched so much. so we left. he wasnt paying attention and accidently got on mcknight the wrong way and somehow we ended up in the heart of downtown and pretty much lost. went to enp then home.

i want everything back, everything i've ever lost. i want my boyfriend to be home, and i want things back to normal. i dont want to move anymore..

people fear what they dont understand.



I'm sorry i pushed you away from everything we had, even me.

i couldnt ask you to wait forever

but that doesnt mean that my feelings have changed, everyday your face is clearer.

regret is the burden i'll carry from here to my grave. this distance is the knife in my heart.

let her know the treasure she has.

don't let her make my mistakes.

forever is never too long to wait for something perfect,

       i'll be here.

            love always..



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